The Heatwave radiant floor heating kit is an innovative, under floor heating system that is ideally suited for new construction or remodeling. The heating element and fiberglass mesh mat will add less that ¼” of height to the floor.

7 Simple Reasons to Choose a Warmquest Heatwave System:

1. Simple Installation – Heatwave Floor Heating Kits are designed to be installed in thin-set mortar directly under the floor covering. Every Heatwave Heating System comes complete with a Heatwave Mat. We can help you pick from our 24/7 programmable or non-programmable thermostat equipped with an in floor temperature sensor, and 13 ln. ft. of cold lead.

2. Total Comfort – 100% of energy is delivered to the heating element delivering outstanding comfort to bathrooms, kitchens, and other small area floors. The Heatwave radiant floor heating kit is installed directly under tile and other floor coverings.

3. Versatility – The Heatwave Heating Kits are extremely versatile, because the fabric mesh between the heating elements can be trimmed and cut to change directions, turn corners, or avoid obstacles. The fabric mesh attaches to the subfloor using a double sided tape that is pre-installed into the mat, making it one the easiest systems to install on the market.

4. Efficiency – The Heatwave Heating Kit are designed to deliver 15 watts per sq. ft.

5. Safety & Reliability – Heatwave Heating Kit has a 10 year limited warranty and is UL listed.

6. Advantages – Easy and effective for areas from 6 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft. The Controls are simple and reliable and the entire system offers very little floor buildup.

7. Customer Service – Our highly experienced technical support teams are the best in the business so call today for a free consultation (1-877-877-4727) or visit our website at