by Steve Bench

Heatizon Systems spends a great deal of time designing, producing and selecting the best products available for its discriminating customers. As a result, “when only the best will do”, Heatizon Systems products are the ones Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Building Owners select for their projects

What does “when only the best will do” really mean to Heatizon Systems’ customers? The short answer is: Many good and wonderful things! But the most accurate answer is: great product selection, the best product quality, a competitive price, unparallel customer service before, during and after the purchase, and honesty and integrity of the distribution chain.

Great Product Selection means the right product for the project. In other words, Product Selection means the product that best satisfies the needs and requirements of the project and the customer. In order for a best product for the project to exist, more than one product must be available for the application. That is precisely why Heatizon Systems offers several different products for each application. Listed below are the applications followed by the products available from Heatizon Systems:

  • Floor Warming: Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Cozy Heat, Tuff Cable and ZMesh.
  • Snow Melting: Hott-Wire SR, Hott-Wire MI, Radiant Trak, and Tuff Cable
  • Roof Snow and Ice Melt: GutterMelt SR, GutterMelt MI, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, Tuff Cable in Invizimelt, and ZMesh.
  • Radiant Heating: Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Cozy Heat, Tuff Cable and ZMesh
  • In-Pipe Freeze Protection: In-Pipe Tuff Cable rated for potable water
  • Out-Pipe Freeze Protection: Out-Pipe SR and Out-Pipe MI
  • Temperature Maintenance: Out-Pipe SR and Out-Pipe MI

Best Product Quality requires that superior product design, finest quality raw materials and highest skilled labor are brought together in the manufacturing process. The “best of the best” and “best of the breed” describe the caliber of products that these ingredients deliver and Heatizon Systems offers to its customers. One great example of Heatizon Systems’ Best Product Quality products is Hott-Wire MI and its application into new pour Asphalt for snow melting.

Competitive Price means a lower price for goods and/or services of alike quality and performance. By offering the best product quality, Heatizon Systems’ products may not always be the lowest price option but its products will always be competitively priced. For certain any time you purchase a Heatizon Systems’ product the value you pay will be less than or equal to the value you receive.

Unparalleled Customer Service Before, During and After the Purchase demands an adequate number of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable personal are available, dedicated and responsible. Heatizon Systems has nothing more important to do than making certain that its customers are happy with its products.

Honesty and Integrity of the Distribution Chain means that the manufacturer, distributors and installer of the product are honest and open with each other as well as with the one paying the bills, the customer. No matter how great the product selection, product quality, competitive the price or terrific the customer service, without honesty and integrity there is nothing.