hardwood-floor-heatingWarmquest 12” ZMesh Heating Element is the ideal system for radiant heating under hardwood floors. ZMesh can be installed directly under the hardwood flooring. Nails or staples are used to install hardwood flooring can be driven directly through ZMesh as long as the nails or staples do not come in contact with any other metal object.  ZMesh is flat, about 1/16″ thick causing very minimal floor buildup.  Sounds just perfect for a hardwood floor doesn’t it?  That’s because it is perfect for hardwood floors and there are other reasons why!

Hardwood floors must acclimate to the humidity level of the room by bringing in the Hardwood several weeks before installation and laying it flat on the floor.  This will minimize dimensional changes due to moisture and get the hardwood prepped for the climate.  ZMesh Heating Element can be installed on the sub-floor before hand to help with the acclimation process. It is important to run a continuous continuity check to make sure ZMesh is not cut or shorted to something conductive in the room during the installation.  Always consult a Heatizon product professional to make sure you have the right system requirements and design features to have the system you expect.  The system should also be tested according to the Heatizon After Element Installation tests before nailing or stapling the Hardwood over it.

It may also be a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the Hardwood flooring before installing it over radiant heat to touch on several topics. Flooring installed over Radiant Heat should never have a surface temperature exceeding 85 degrees. The surface temperature of a ZMesh floor is controlled by the M321RS Programmable Thermostat with a floor sensor – 7 Day – (4) programmable period per day. The thermostat has a maximum temperature setting of 90 degrees. The system only will come on when the temperature falls 2 degrees below the temperature you set. If you set you’re Programmable Thermostat at 72 degrees and the temperature falls to 70 degrees the system will come on until the temperature reaches 72 degrees. The Warmquest ZMesh System will not run 24 hours – 7 days a week realistically it will cycle on and off to maintain your desired temperature.

ZMesh provides a very even and delicate heat source to the hardwood floor above it.  This is important because some hardwood floors can be very temperamental when it comes to hot and cold temperature fluctuations.  Choosing a wood that is low quality and cheaply sawn can be affected easily by temperature and humidity fluctuations even without radiant heat and should be avoided.  Ask the hardwood manufacturer what they know about their floors and radiant heat applications to get a better idea of what they know.  Also, if the room happens to have many windows such as a sunroom, you may want to ask you your Hardwood Supplier about how heat from sunlight shining onto the floor can affect your hardwood floor. The temperature from sunlight could reach temperatures above 85 degrees easily.

12” ZMesh is listed to UL Standards and carries the CSA and ETL label.  ZMesh carries a 25 year warranty, and it has been successfully warming floors since 1979.  Our highly experienced technical support teams are the best in the business so call today for a free consultation (1-877-877-4724) or visit our website at www.warmquest.com.