floorizwarm-clipsInstalling heated floor systems is easier than ever. With a variety of systems from mats and meshes to free flowing cables of every size, the options for installation can feel overwhelming. Free-flowing cables provide additional flexibility when working in tight or tricky spaces. When installing free-flowing cable systems it is important to anchor the cable to the subfloor. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common ones.


The most common method used by our teams are clips that are easily nailed to the floor. Clips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any cable. When installing over a wood subfloor, the clips are easily nailed into place, allow the cable to be installed in any pattern necessary for the project. On concrete subfloors, holes are drilled, wooden pegs inserted into the holes, and the clips nailed into the pegs. These plastic clips are simple, but they offer flexibility during installation.

heatwave-strappingHeatwave Strapping

Our Heatwave products offer affordable, DIY options for a variety of heated floor needs. While Heatwave Mats easily roll out on the floor, they can be challenging to work with in confined or convoluted spaces. Heatwave Cable offers the same DIY friendly solution in a flexible, free-flowing cable. In addition to the clips described above, Heatwave Cables can be paired with Heatwave Strapping for an alternative option. The metal strapping is rolled out and attached to the floor prior to installing the cable. The strapping is installed in 5’ intervals across the heated space. The cable is then secured into place as it loops across the strapping.

Other Options

There are many other options for heated floors available. Warmquest carries both easily rolled out mats, and state-of-the-art ZMesh which are installed differently than cables. Some tile underlayments now are designed to allow heating cables to be installed directly on them. Before using any third party option, you should always contact Warmquest to ensure proper installation of the system.

Heated flooring has come a long ways over the years. While cables are still commonly embedded in concrete during new construction or in mortar under select surfaces, there are options for heating just about any floor covering available. For more information on heating hardwood, carpet, and other surfaces visit our floor warming page.