WarmQuest's infloor heating can warm any surface including heated tile

Electric Heated Floors

Warmquest has a variety of electric floor heating and space heating products to meet your needs. Our experts can put together the best solution for your radiant floor regardless of the floor covering or space you want to heat.

Efficient and Reliable Warmth

  • Constant and even heat.

  • Heat tile, hardwood, carpet, and more!

  • Solid state systems with no moving parts to maintain. 

  • Industry leading warranties

Designed to Meet your Needs

  • Systems tailored to surface, room size, and climate.

  • Customized to suit your unique project. 

  • Our team works wtih architects, contractors, engineers, homeowner, and anyone else involved to meet the demands of a project. 

For more on specific floor warming applications and products, see the options below. 

  • WarmQuest's heated floor products warm hardwood flooring

    Heated Hardwood & Engineered Floors

    Your beautiful hardwood floors would be even more luxurious with a radiant heating system from Warmquest. Heated hardwood and engineered floors bring warmth and comfort to any project. 

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  • WarmQuest's ZMesh heats a bathroom floor

    Heating Carpet and Floating Floors

    Carpet floors and floating or laminate floor coverings are easily heated with our products. Enjoy heated carpet and floors in your home with help from our team. 

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  • WarmQuest's heated floor products heating tile in a bathroom

    Heating Tile & Stone Floors

    Nobody likes cold tile or stone, but it sure makes for a beautiful floor. Heat things up with Warmquest’s variety of low and line voltage products. Our electric heated floor systems are tailored to the job from easy roll our mats and mesh, to customized solutions using free rolled cables for any shape or even wet location, we have a product fit for you.

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  • WarmQuest's heated floor systems retrofit under existing floor

    Retrofit Heating for Existing Floors

    Warmquest has solutions for heating existing floors. This can save you the hassle and mess of replacing existing floor coverings or tearing up an expensive floor covering. 

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  • WarmQuest's floor warming system heats concrete floors

    Concrete Floor Heating

    Pouring new concrete? How about adding some radiant heat? Warmquest offers several products for floor heating that perform great in concrete slabs. With electric heating cables embedded in your concrete slab, you can enjoy heated flooring regardless of the floor covering. 

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