roof deicing system

Warmquest provides several options for roof deicing and ice dam prevention. Depending on your project and end goals a system can be developed specifically for your project. Before buying, it is important to understand the benefits of each option.

Under Roof Deicing Systems
Warmquest is pleased to offer the only two roof deicing systems listed for installation beneath the roofing material. Both ZMesh and Tuff Cable in Invizimelt Panels offer low voltage reliability and customizable roof deicing and ice dam prevention. These products are the best long term roof deicing solution available on the market and offer several advantages over traditional Self Regulating cable and other solutions.

  • Built to Last- ZMesh and Tuff Cable offer industry leading warranties of 25 years. These systems are designed to outlast your roof. Plus, these products were developed, honed and tested in the harsh winters and high elevation of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Area Heated- ZMesh and Tuff Cable are flexible and can be used to heat anything from a few trouble spots to the entire roof. These systems provide a much larger melt area than cables that are designed to melt small paths for water to flow.
  • Cost Efficient- Our heated roof systems provide excellent deicing for a lower cost than competing products.
  • ETL listed to UL standards- As mentioned previously, Tuff Cable and ZMesh are the ONLY two deicing systems listed for installation BENEATH roofing materials. This listing means the systems have been rigorously tested for this specific application.
  • Aesthetics- Forget cables strewn across your roof. Under roof deicing systems provide the results without the messy cables.

Heat Tracing Cables
Heat tracing cables come in many forms. Warmquest provides industrial grade GutterMelt, a sturdy self regulating cable that provides an excellent solution to ice dams. GutterMelt is installed in gutters and downspouts to keep water flowing off the roof. It can also be zig zagged along the eave to create paths for melting snow to flow off the eave.

Self regulating cable is great for keeping water flowing in downspouts and gutters, and can be used on roofs to effectively fight ice dams. It won’t clear entire areas, and it can’t be installed under your roofing materials, but it will keep water flowing off of the roof and prevent ice dams. For a more permanent solution, our unique under roof deicing systems can’t be beat.

Our team of experts can put together a customized system to meet the needs of your roof. Give them a call at 877-877-4724