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US Snow Infographic

Looking to move somewhere with ample snow? Or perhaps you are fed up with the snow the latest storm left on your driveway. We’ve put together this snow infographic illustrating some of the snowiest places in the country.

Looking for the major US city with the most snow? Syracuse, NY gets over 10 feet per year. Most snow in a single storm? Silver Lake, CO holds that record with nearly 8 feet. Browse the graphic for additional facts and data, then head over to our post on how much snow weighs and try not to feel overwhelmed.

US Snow Facts

Troubleshooting Low Voltage Radiant Heating Systems

control boxes2As winter arrives across North America, home and business owners are firing up their Warmquest heating systems. Warmquest’s products are known for their low maintenance nature and dependability, however like any electrical system glitches can occur. In the rare event that the system does not operate as expected, we have compiled some tips to troubleshoot our low voltage Tuff Cable and ZMesh systems.

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Flat Roofs and Snow

ZMeshonMembraneFlat roofs come with their own unique challenges. In areas with regular snowfall, managing snow load and drainage is critical. While structural design is an important part of handling snow and ice, let’s take a look at some areas where radiant heat can play a role.

Snow Load

All roofs must be able to handle the weight of snow and ice, but flat roofs are particularly susceptible to snow accumulation. This is handled in many ways, and radiant heat can play an important role in preserving and protecting a roof.

To ensure snow never accumulates, the entire flat roof can be heated. Alternatively, large sections of the roof can be heated, lowering the total snow load and increasing solar gain as the sun works to clear the rest of the roof.


Drains are often used to keep flat roofs clear. As snow and ice melt, drains provide additional paths for water to run off the roof. This only works however if the drains stay clear and accessible. Adding roof deicing to areas around drains can keep them flowing all winter long. Paths can also be created for water to run to drains.

Snow Drifts

In some instances, snow drifts occur on roofs. In nooks and crannies, and shaded areas, these snow drifts can build up to the point where they pose a threat to the roof. Heating these areas is a great way to prevent drifting snow and ice and protect the roof. This case study reviews the installation of a deicing system to prevent drifting snow on a membrane roof.

Maintenance Access

It is not unusual for large commercial buildings to require maintenance access to the roof. In this instance, heating the roof can provide safe paths for employees to access critical areas.

Ice Dams: Lessons Learned From The Northeast

Ice Dams NortheastMother Nature has not been kind to the Northeast the last few years. Hurricane Sandy brought destruction and damage in 2012, while the winter of 2013-2014 featured a “polar vortex” descending over much of the Midwest and Northeast. Last year New England received record snow, and a lengthy period of low temperatures. This resulted in significant damage to homes and businesses, largely from ice dams and other roofing issues.

An ice dam forms when melting snow and ice refreezes on the roof, typically as it moves over a cool eave, into a gutter, or in shaded areas like dormers and crickets. If not properly dealt with, an ice dam can cause water to make its way inside the structure.

As preparation for winter 2015-2016 wraps up, we take a look at some of the lessons learned last year.

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Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing SafetyWhen working on a roof, you never can be too safe. As the summer months bring increased work on roofing projects, we thought we’d share a few reminders on roofing safety.

Joe, our install manager has provided us with his top 3 items for staying safe while on a roof. Large or small, steep or flat, commercial or residential, Joe has done it all. Here are his tips:

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