Heatizon Systems is pleased to announce that one of its members, Steven D. Bench, was recently awarded a patent for a technology designed to remove snow and ice from the roofs of residences, and commercial and industrial buildings. Mr. Bench has assigned the manufacturing right for the product covered by the patent to Heatwave Systems L.L.C. d.b.a. Heatizon Systems.

InvizimeltHeatizon manufactures a complete line of radiant roof, snow, and ice melt products. The company’s radiant heating products are unique in the following four ways. First, they are designed to be installed under the roof covering material so they are permanent and not aesthetically distracting. Second, Heatizon Systems radiant roof snow and ice melting products totally remove the snow and ice off of the roof rather than melting just the eave line or merely providing a path for water like the traditional heat tape products. Third, they are engineered to last longer than most roof covering materials; and, Fourth, they are manufactured in the United States of America.

The Tuff Cable Invizimelt roof snow and ice melting system is designed to provide complete removal of the snow and ice from eave, valleys, and crickets and not just provide a path for water. Heatizon’s patented Invizimelt Panels install directly under your metal roof protecting your investment from leaks and ice dams without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of your roof line. Heatizon’s Invizimelt Panel System can be installed in a variety of configurations to conform to project dimensions and roof deicing and snow melting needs. By connecting panels in a series of configurations, virtually any shaped area can be covered. The Tuff Cable is installed in the Invizimelt Panels which have been nailed to the sub roof, then covered with Invizimelt Tape and bituthene.

The entire Tuff Cable Invizimelt System is solid state, and has not moving parts to wear out, and nothing that requires routine maintenance. The Tuff Cable heating element is the most durable available and backed by an industry leading 25 year limited warranty. In addition, the automated on/off activation devices make heating your roof easy and simple. The System also utilizes gentle low voltage technology throughout the roof’s eaves and valleys. The Heatizon Control Unit incorporates a self-monitoring computer board with auto shut off mechanisms for out-of-ordinary operation. The Tuff Cable Invizimelt System roof deicing products are the only way to permanently protect your investment from winter woes.

Shawn Wright, of Warmquest, an official distributor of Heatizon Systems products, commented: “I am not aware of any other radiant roof snow and ice melting products that is designed to be installed permanently under the metal roof covering and listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for roof snow and ice melting. There are, however, many roof snow and ice melt products that are designed to be installed on top of the roof covering material and in the gutters and downspouts but only Heatizon Tuff Cable Invizimelt System is design to be completely invisible once the roof covering materials are installed.”