control boxes2As winter arrives across North America, home and business owners are firing up their Warmquest heating systems. Warmquest’s products are known for their low maintenance nature and dependability, however like any electrical system glitches can occur. In the rare event that the system does not operate as expected, we have compiled some tips to troubleshoot our low voltage Tuff Cable and ZMesh systems.

Check Breaker at Distribution Panel
If you find your system isn’t working, first ensure that it is receiving power. Check the breaker panel and if the breakers powering the unit are tripped, reset them.

Check Unit for Power
If the unit is powered from the distribution panel, then check the control unit for power. Our CBX6, CBX23, and SLC500 control units feature a breaker or power switch that can be checked just like the breaker at the distribution panel. Radiant 8 units feature a digital display that will be on if there is power to the unit.

Check Indicator Lights if available or reset Breaker
The CBX6, CBX23, and SLC500 have indicator lights for reporting the status of the system. On these units, lights D24 and D25 should be lit to indicate the system is powered. If these are lit, and the system is not running, the other lights may indicate what is occurring. Explanations of each light can be found in the installation manual, or by calling our tech support team.

Activate the System and Monitor LED’s
If the system is drawing power, activate it, and monitor the LED’s or digital display. As the system activates, these lights should help indicate what is causing your problem.

Call Tech Support
If the problem persists, call our tech support team at 877-877-4724. With the information you have gathered from the control unit, they will be able to further diagnose and assist with the issue.

For more information on troubleshooting control units check out our installation manuals.