by Steven D. Bench

Wow! Ten reasons Heatizon Systems snowmelt products are the best available:

      Safety – Protect your customers, employees, friends, and family from injuries sustained from slipping on ice or snow covered driveways, sidewalks, steps, driveways, etc. In addition protect your self, your family and your employees from injuries sustained as a result of shoveling heavy snow.
    • Efficiency – Heatizon Systems products require only one energy source and are over 99% energy efficient, as a result the energy melts snow and ice rather than escaping out the exhaust vent. The fact that Heatizon System products do not require fresh air venting and operate only when needed to melt snow and ice make them even a better energy efficiency value.
    • Low Operating Expense – Since Heatizon Systems snow and ice melt products operate only when they are needed. In most locations a 285 square foot area of snow and ice melt costs less than 40 cents for every consecutive sixty minute period that they are turned on.
    • Warranty – Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable and Z Mesh heating element is backed by an industry leading 25 year limited warranty.
    • Noise Free – Heatizon Systems products are quiet.
    • Maintenance Free – Heatizon Systems products require no routine maintenance, nothing to oil, clean or certify.
    • Inexpensive to Install – The ease and simplicity of installation make Heatizon Systems products relatively inexpensive to install.
    • Automatic Activation – Heatizon Systems recommends fully automatic temperature/moisture sensors for all of its snowmelt products. Automatic temperature/moisture sensors are designed to turn the snowmelt system on whenever moisture is present and the ambient temperature drops below 38 degrees F.
    • Value – Heatizon Systems snow melts products are a great value and just might increase the life of your asphalt, concrete, or pavers.
    • Great Investment – Heatizon Systems snowmelt products are a great investment because they increase the value of your home or building yielding a nice dividend when you sell. In addition Heatizon Systems snowmelt products may reduce insurance expenses.