heated-stamped-concreteWith the increasing accessibility of solar power, many people are installing solar panels for their home or business. Solar can offset costs or in some circumstances eliminate the need for the grid altogether.

With the growing popularity of residential solar panels, we have seen an increase in the number of calls related to solar power and heated driveways and sidewalks. So can you power a heated driveway with solar panels on your roof? How can solar and electric radiant heat work together to create a more efficient system? Let’s take a look.

Solar Panels, Batteries and Electric Snow Melting
The challenge with solar power is the need for sunshine, something that is generally lacking during a winter storm. The solution to this is often to store power using batteries. Unfortunately, today’s batteries just don’t have the capability of sustaining the power needed for a snow melting system. Think of how quickly your car battery dies if you leave the headlights on. Electric snow melting may be efficient, but it certainly requires more power than a set of headlights.

Heating a large area like a driveway will require more power than a battery can provide. With panels and batteries ruled out it may seem that combining solar and electric radiant heat is a bust, however there is a way and it works brilliantly.

Pair Solar Panels with the Grid
The solution to using solar power for heated driveways is to not use solar to directly power heated driveways.

Allow us to explain. In many areas, homes and businesses can install solar panels and reap the benefits of solar power while feeding excess power generated back into the grid for credits. This means that during sunny times you may be earning credit that can lower costs overall.

With the power of the grid, you can easily operate heated driveway equipment. Solar comes into play as an expense cutting measure that provides savings to offset the cost of your heated driveway.

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