Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing SafetyWhen working on a roof, you never can be too safe. As the summer months bring increased work on roofing projects, we thought we’d share a few reminders on roofing safety.

Joe, our install manager has provided us with his top 3 items for staying safe while on a roof. Large or small, steep or flat, commercial or residential, Joe has done it all. Here are his tips:

#1 Use the Proper Safety Equipment

It is important to always use the proper safety equipment. Harnesses and other gear should be designed and OSHA approved for roofing projects. Be sure to inspect equipment and make sure it is not damaged. Recreational equipment for rock climbing, rappelling, and other activities is not suitable for roofing projects.

#2 Make Sure Your Lifeline is Properly Secured

Your lifeline does no good if it is not properly secured. Before you get started, check your ropes and harness to make sure they are secured appropriately and prepared to stop you in the event of a fall.

#3 Always Ensure You Have the Correct Length of Safety Rope

Similar to the previous tip, as you move about the roof, your lifeline may need to be adjusted. Always be sure you have the correct length of rope to prevent a fall. While too little rope may impede movement on the roof, too much may not stop you before you hit the ground.

In addition to Joe’s tips, be sure to follow any other applicable safety standards, including those specific to your project. To learn more about installing our roof deicing products, give Joe a call at 877-877-4724.

Safe Roofing!