Drainage is important for any roof, but becomes particularly critical on flat roofs. In cold climates, snow and ice accumulation can quickly snarl drains and downspouts, preventing snow and water from leaving the roof. This can lead to many hazards, from snow load concerns to slippery surfaces in maintenance areas.

Managing snow and ice on commercial roofs is difficult. If drainage is not maintained, not only can snow load issues arise, but even on the best engineered roofs ice damming can become an issue. As ice builds up in and around drains, water is unable to escape the roof and often finds its way inside.

Warmquest frequently works with architects, engineers, facility managers and others to provide roof and drain deicing solutions. Our under roof heating options provide a permanent, long lasting fix to drains freezing and backing up. These unique low voltage systems can be installed beneath membrane, shingle, metal and other roofing materials. 

For a flat roof with drains, the ideal solution would be to install an under roof deicing system in the areas around the drains. This keeps the area clear and free of snow and ice buildup. Then, loop self regulating cable like our GutterMelt product down into the drains. This cable should extend to conditioned space, daylight, or below the freeze line. The GutterMelt will keep water flowing in the drain itself.

Rather than attempting to shovel the roof, let Warmquest help you heat it. With our Invizimelt and ZMesh under roof deicing systems, you can melt around drains, along walls, and any other trouble spots. These systems are installed beneath the roofing material and heat entire sections of roof.

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