Smart home technology has been in the news for a few years now, and is growing in popularity. With new developments coming regularly, the “connected home” is becoming less of a buzzword and more of a reality.

This technology, paired with electric radiant heat, allows for some exciting options to better manage cold weather. Heated floors, heated driveways, and heated roof deicing systems can all be connected to home automation systems.

Warmquest offers a variety of activation methods for our radiant heat products. From timers to sensors, there is a solution for any project. Many of these options can be connected to additional smart home technology.

Our snow melting and roof deicing systems utilize temperature and moisture sensors to activate only when needed. In some instances, the human touch is needed, and these systems can be toggled off and on manually, and as part of a home automation system if desired.

Our floor warming products take advantage of the latest thermostat technology to control the temperature in your home. It is possible for these systems to be activated remotely by phone so you can come home to warm floors and spaces.

With automated activations and sensors, homeowners can create the perfect radiant heating solution for their project needs. As developments continue in smart home technology, radiant heat will continue to take advantage of new options.

For an example of how Warmquest heated an entire home with electric radiant heat and activated it remotely, check out this project.