Roof Deicing Under Membrane Roof Coverings

by Steve Bench Heatizon Systems makes roof snow melt and deicing products that utilize one of two different heating elements, Tuff Cable or ZMesh. Tuff Cable, a copper cable surrounded by an insulator which is surrounded by a jacket, is designed to be utilized in a Heatizon Heatsink Kit under medal and other electronically conductive

Ice Dams, Snow Loads, Icicles

by Steve Bench Heatizon Systems manufacturers Low Voltage Electric products that are used for eliminating the problems caused by ice dams, snow loads, and icicles on the roofs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our company’s products are unique because they are designed to be installed under virtually every type of roof covering material rather

Radiant Roof Snow Melt and Deicing

by Steven Bench Damage caused to buildings, people and property by snow and ice build-up and removal, ice dams, and icicles amounts to millions of dollars each year. The effectiveness of the methods historically used to manage snow and ice related problems has been spotty at best. The traditional methods used to prevent these large


by Cy Sherwood ZMesh is a 9 or 12 inch wide bronze mesh heating element used for in-floor radiant space heating, radiant floor warming, and roof deicing. Zmesh can be installed under non-metallic shingles and single ply membrane and under most floor coverings including carpet, hardwood, laminates, tile, slate, marble, and linoleum/vinyl. ZMesh’s durability is


The differences between UL and ETL Safety Listings by Heather Gwilliam OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the US government’s enforcement arm for safety and health issues has been tasked with overseeing professional independent testing laboratories. The best known of all independent testing laboratories is Underwriters Laboratories, UL. UL was established by insurance underwriters