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Now Available at Warmquest: Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System

Warmquest is thrilled to introduce the Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System, the latest in our line of roof deicing and snow melting products.

Pedestal paver systems are a popular choice in rooftop living spaces, hardscapes, green roofs, and many other applications. Typically, large pavers are elevated on pedestals to accommodate drainage below.

The Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System allows our mineral insulated Hott-Wire cables to be easily installed directly beneath the pavers. The panels provide an effective heatsink, spreading the heat from the cables across the entire surface of the paver above. The panels are insulated from below to drive heat upward to the pavers.

The panels are laid out over the pedestals, without compromising drainage or interfering with the paver installation. The end result is effective snow melting and a space that can be used all winter long.

The Warmquest team can provide a customized heating system for your pedestal paver solution. Give us a call at 877-877-4724.

Snow Melting Systems – Not Just For Driveways

We talk a lot about Heated Driveways here at Warmquest. It certainly is the dream of many homeowners to never plow or shovel again. But the convenience of a heated driveway is only one of the benefits. A snow melting system provides increased safety and protection from slip and fall accidents. Heated sidewalks, ramps, entryways, and parking lots provide protection both for those vulnerable to falling, and to those who would then be left financially liable.

So what else should you consider heating? Here’s a brief list that is in no way comprehensive (ask us about the time we heated alligator ponds).

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Efficient Operation of Your Snow Melting System

Once you’ve invested in a heated driveway or other snow melting system, you can enjoy the convenience of snow free access to your home or business. We want you to get the most out of your Warmquest system, so we’ve put together some tips for efficient operation.

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Electric Radiant Heat: More Common Than You Think

When you hear about radiant heating what do you picture? Many people think of pipes beneath the surface, carrying hot water or some other fluid. While it is true that hydronic systems may be used for floor warming and snow melting, another tried and true method is electrical radiant heating. Electric radiant heating utilizes electrical resistance and has many benefits and advantages that are discussed throughout our website. Today we will look at resistance heating and its many uses.

When is the last time you benefited from electric resistance heating? Have you used an electric stovetop in the last 24 hours? How about a hair dryer? These and many other everyday items utilize resistance heating. As electricity flows through the heating element, the resistance of the coils, wires, or cables creates heat. Resistance heating is 100% efficient as all of the electricity is converted to heat.

Have you ever used a heated seat in a car? Cadillac introduced the first heated car seats over 50 years ago. Think about that the next time you are hurtling down the highway in a modern automobile. When automotive manufacturers wanted to provide heated seats they turned to electric resistance heating.

Warmquest supplies and installs industry leading electric radiant heating products which are tested to the highest standards. Warming floors and spaces, deicing roofs, and melting snow, all with the simplicity and convenience of resistance heating. The same technology that allows your seats to warm safely and comfortably can be scaled up and used to heat your entire home, prevent snow and ice problems on your roof, and keep your driveway clear. Our unique, cutting edge systems accomplish all of this with a small footprint. No boilers or heavy equipment are needed, a small control unit or relay panel is all it takes. By its very nature electric radiant heating is low maintenance and efficient. Systems are either on or off and do not need to idle, they have few moving parts and require no regular maintenance.

Steep Driveway Solutions

heated tire tracks on steep drivewaySteep driveways can mean big problems once snow and ice hits the ground. Preventing slide offs is critical to safety and enjoying the home all year. Today we are taking a look at the options for managing steep driveways when winter arrives.

The simplest solution to avoid sliding off a steep, icy driveway is not to drive on it. Many homeowners park at the bottom of the slope during storms throughout the winter. While this prevents a slide off, the hike to and from the vehicle comes with risk of slip and fall accidents. There are also the risks associated with leaving the vehicle on the street in winter weather.

heated steep asphalt drivewayWhen you know a storm is coming, salt or snow melting chemicals can be spread on the driveway to keep things clear. The effectiveness of this approach varies, and severe storms will overwhelm them. In a previous post we discuss the various environmental risks associated with snow melt chemicals and salts.

Another option, often paired with snow melting chemicals is spreading sand or kitty litter in the particularly dangerous sections of the driveway. These can provide the extra traction needed to get up and down safely, but require planning ahead and can become less effective in severe weather events.

steep driveway with radiant heatThe one sure way to keep ice and snow from impeding access to your home is to remove it. You could do this yourself, but what happens if you aren’t home during the storm? The best solution for steep driveways all winter long is a snow melting system.

Heated driveway technology is becoming more accessible and affordable. With a variety of options from heating your entire surface to a set of heated tire tracks, there is a snow melting system for your project. Systems are designed by experienced professionals who use regional climate data to provide a system that is both highly effective and efficient.

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