Ice Dam Prevention

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Ice dams can wreak havoc on your home. From damaged roofs to interior water damage, nobody wants to deal with an ice dam. Fortunately, problem areas on your roof can be heated to prevent the buildup of snow and ice that leads to ice dams forming. 

heated metal roof

Warmquest provides a number of options for roof deicing and ice dam prevention. From our unique, under roof options to our top of the line GutterMelt self regulating cable, there is a solution for your project. 

Complete Roof Deicing

Our low voltage roof deicing systems offer total protection and are the ONLY systems listed to UL standards for installation beneath the roofing material. Enjoy peace of mind without the clutter of visible cables. Our systems are tailored to individual projects and are perfect for commercial, residential, industrial, and government jobs. 

Invizimelt Panels

Warmquest's Invizimelt panels provide complete roof deicing and can be installed beneath metal roofing materials. Using low voltage Tuff Cable to heat the roofing material above, Invizimelt provides a scalable, customizable solution for any roof.

Listed for installation beneath roofing materials, Tuff Cable provides protection from ice dams, falling ice and snow, and snow load issues. Tuff Cable also features an industry leading 25 year warranty. 



Low voltage ZMesh is listed for installation beneath non-metal roofing materials. The perfect solution for shingle, membrane and other non-metal roof coverings, ZMesh is installed on the subroof and covered, making it an invizible solution for ice dams and roof deicing. 

Each ZMesh system is customized to meet the needs of the structure, allowing for a flexible solution that can meet the demans of any roofing project. This flexibility coupled with an industry leading 25 year warranty provides an easily installed system that will protect your home or business for years to come. 



For existing roofs as well as gutters, our self regulating GutterMelt can provide an ice dam management system. Zig zagged along eaves and laid in gutters, downspouts, and eavestroughs, this heat tracing cable provides heated paths for melting snow and ice to escape the roof without refreezing and building up. GutterMelt comes in 5W, 9W, and 12W varieties and outperforms the competition. This industrial grade cable is also incredibly robust and includes a 10 year warranty creating a system you can have confidence in. 

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