Roof Deicing for your Design-Build Project

For architects and engineers working on design-build projects, expert help can make all of the difference in providing effective solutions for the end user. When it comes to radiant heating options for snow melting, interior heating, and roof deicing, you can’t beat the Warmquest team for assistance.

Roof deicing is a critical and often overlooked element in projects. For truly lasting roof deicing solutions, our unique under roof deicing systems are the best option on the market.

Roof Deicing Options


A unique heating element made of woven bronze, ZMesh resembles a window screen and is used for roof deicing under non-conductive materials including membrane, shingles, tile, and more. The 9” wide screen is rolled out and attached directly to the subroof, the material can be nailed or stapled through making it a breeze for installers. Waterproofing and the roofing material follow, allowing for a highly effective, invisible system eliminating snow and ice over wide areas.


For metal roofing materials, we use a slightly different approach. Our Tuff Cable heating element is installed in Invizimelt Panels. The aluminum panels are attached to the subroof and feature channels for the Tuff Cable to be installed in. As Invizimelt Panels are only ¼” thick, roof buildup is minimal. The metal roofing materials are installed over the top of the panels, being careful not to damage the cable. The Inivizimelt Panels act as a heatsink for Tuff Cable, spreading the heat over the entire area. The results are truly impressive.

Pedestal Paver Snow Melt

For buildings utilizing Pedestal Paving systems, we are privileged to carry a unique, first of its kind system for pairing our Hott-Wire snow melting cables with rooftop pavers for complete snow melting and drainage. Our team can provide additional information about this highly customizable solution.


For gutters and downspouts, Warmquest carries GutterMelt, an industrial grade self regulating cable that outclasses the competition in price, warranty, performance, and durability. With a variety of accessories available and the ability to pair GutterMelt with our under roof systems, GutterMelt can improve any project.

The Team

Warmquest has been creating and supplying radiant heating solutions for nearly 20 years. Our experts regularly consult with architects, engineers, contractors and other stakeholders throughout the design-build process to provide the best available solutions on the market. With a history of developing custom options and project tailored systems for commercial, industrial, government and residential projects, Warmquest can help make your next project a success.

Contact our team for assistance with your next design-build project. They can help you select and design a roof deicing system that will get the job done. From drawings and specifications, to planning for power requirements and automation, the Warmquest team has it covered.

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