Heated Driveway Options: Solution Focused Design

Considering adding a snow melting system to your home or business? At Warmquest we specialize in assisting customers with tailor-made heated driveway solutions. Part of this is thinking outside of the box. Heated driveways come in all shapes and sizes. What works for one home or business may not work for another. Warmquest can help you look at your goals and usage, and design a heating system perfect for your project.

When installing a snow melting system the first thing to remember is you do not have to heat the whole area. Many times heating the entire area will be the goal and this is fine, but often entire areas go unused during the winter. Many project owners make the choice to add snow melting with a specific goal in mind. This could be providing access up and down a steep incline, ensuring safe access to foot traffic at a home or business, or clearing parking areas for visitors. Warmquest can help stakeholders identify the goals of a project and design a system to meet them most effectively and efficiently.

A pair of heated tire tracks was sufficient to provide access to this home up the steep driveway.


This homeowner needed traction up a steep slope and access to multiple car port stalls.

Heated Driveway Path

Access was provided on this large driveway by installing heat on a 8′ wide path which widens at the top.

For this home, pedestrian access to the front door was the chief concern.


Similarly, this homeowner wanted year round access to their hot tub. Note that the entire sidewalk and patio are not heated. Just the path.


This homeowner heated only the more commonly used section of their driveway. They paired this with a heated front walk and steps to provide themselves and their guests with easy access to the home.

Heated Gate Access

This Automated Gate requires a clear area in order to operate correctly. With the addition of a snow melting system, ice and snow no longer build up and block access.

Businesses too can benefit from a carefully planned snow melting system. Many offices heat critical access areas. Commercial buildings can benefit from heated loading docks, ADA ramps and other areas. This project wanted to provide employees access to the building from their vehicles. Paths were heated between parking stalls leading to a heated path to the entrance.


The important thing to remember with any snow melting system is that it can be as unique as your home or business. Each project has different goals and requirements and Warmquest specializes in these tailor made solutions. One size fits all may sound convenient, but customized solutions will be more effective and efficient in the long run.

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