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Tuff Cable in Invizimelt Panels for Roofs, Steps, Decks

Heatizon Systems is pleased to announce that one of its members, Steven D. Bench, was recently awarded a patent for a technology designed to remove snow and ice from the roofs of residences, and commercial and industrial buildings. Mr. Bench has assigned the manufacturing right for the product covered by the patent to Heatwave Systems L.L.C. d.b.a. Heatizon Systems.

InvizimeltHeatizon manufactures a complete line of radiant roof, snow, and ice melt products. The company’s radiant heating products are unique in the following four ways. First, they are designed to be installed under the roof covering material so they are permanent and not aesthetically distracting. Second, Heatizon Systems radiant roof snow and ice melting products totally remove the snow and ice off of the roof rather than melting just the eave line or merely providing a path for water like the traditional heat tape products. Third, they are engineered to last longer than most roof covering materials; and, Fourth, they are manufactured in the United States of America.

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Warmquest Has A System to Meet Your Needs

With summer knocking on our door and temperatures soaring, you may not be thinking about the cold weather that will be here before we know it! Now is the time to put an end to your interior floor warming and space ApplicatonsCompositeShowcaseheating, driveway snow melting and roof snow melt and deicing problems.  The products that Warmquest distributes are of the highest quality on the market.  Electric radiant heat is ideal for renovations and new construction but we have products that can be retrofitted as well.  You can use radiant heating systems to warm floors; melt snow and ice on asphalt, pavers, and concrete.  Also, our radiant heating systems are used to prevent snow and ice from causing damage to roofs.  At Warmquest we offer reliable, durable, and efficient systems – and installation is no hassle.

Warmquest distributes radiant floor warming products that fit any size and shape area, and go under any floor covering or in any cementitious material like concrete or thin-set. Unlike conventional heating systems, our radiant heating products produce a clean, quiet, and uniform heat that transforms cold floors into heat emitting objects.  This eliminates air drafts and limits heat loss, creating even and luxurious warmth.

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When Only the Best Will Do

by Steve Bench

Heatizon Systems spends a great deal of time designing, producing and selecting the best products available for its discriminating customers. As a result, “when only the best will do”, Heatizon Systems products are the ones Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Building Owners select for their projects

What does “when only the best will do” really mean to Heatizon Systems’ customers? The short answer is: Many good and wonderful things! But the most accurate answer is: great product selection, the best product quality, a competitive price, unparallel customer service before, during and after the purchase, and honesty and integrity of the distribution chain.

Great Product Selection means the right product for the project. In other words, Product Selection means the product that best satisfies the needs and requirements of the project and the customer. In order for a best product for the project to exist, more than one product must be available for the application. That is precisely why Heatizon Systems offers several different products for each application. Listed below are the applications followed by the products available from Heatizon Systems:

  • Floor Warming: Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Cozy Heat, Tuff Cable and ZMesh.
  • Snow Melting: Hott-Wire SR, Hott-Wire MI, Radiant Trak, and Tuff Cable
  • Roof Snow and Ice Melt: GutterMelt SR, GutterMelt MI, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, Tuff Cable in Invizimelt, and ZMesh.
  • Radiant Heating: Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Cozy Heat, Tuff Cable and ZMesh
  • In-Pipe Freeze Protection: In-Pipe Tuff Cable rated for potable water
  • Out-Pipe Freeze Protection: Out-Pipe SR and Out-Pipe MI
  • Temperature Maintenance: Out-Pipe SR and Out-Pipe MI

Best Product Quality requires that superior product design, finest quality raw materials and highest skilled labor are brought together in the manufacturing process. The “best of the best” and “best of the breed” describe the caliber of products that these ingredients deliver and Heatizon Systems offers to its customers. One great example of Heatizon Systems’ Best Product Quality products is Hott-Wire MI and its application into new pour Asphalt for snow melting.

Competitive Price means a lower price for goods and/or services of alike quality and performance. By offering the best product quality, Heatizon Systems’ products may not always be the lowest price option but its products will always be competitively priced. For certain any time you purchase a Heatizon Systems’ product the value you pay will be less than or equal to the value you receive.

Unparalleled Customer Service Before, During and After the Purchase demands an adequate number of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable personal are available, dedicated and responsible. Heatizon Systems has nothing more important to do than making certain that its customers are happy with its products.

Honesty and Integrity of the Distribution Chain means that the manufacturer, distributors and installer of the product are honest and open with each other as well as with the one paying the bills, the customer. No matter how great the product selection, product quality, competitive the price or terrific the customer service, without honesty and integrity there is nothing.

Roof Deicing Under Membrane Roof Coverings

by Steve Bench

Heatizon Systems makes roof snow melt and deicing products that utilize one of two different heating elements, Tuff Cable or ZMesh. Tuff Cable, a copper cable surrounded by an insulator which is surrounded by a jacket, is designed to be utilized in a Heatizon Heatsink Kit under medal and other electronically conductive roof covering materials. ZMesh, a bronze product that is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick, is designed to be installed under non-conductive roof covering materials such as composite, shake, asphalt, and fiberglass shingles as well as membrane roof covering materials.

In the testing performed by Intertek Testing Services N A Inc., immediately prior to ZMesh receiving its listing to UL Standards and CSA regulations, it was noted that ZMesh, when surrounded by insulation on all six (6) sides, reaches a temperature of approximately 125 degrees F at normal operating conditions. Of course when melting snow and ice off of roofs ZMesh is not surrounded by insulation and the roof temperature at the time the ZMesh is energized is typically be between 30 and 38 degrees F resulting in an expected operating temperature substantially below 125 degrees F. In the event the roof covering manufacturer establishes a particular maximum exposure temperature for his product that is below 125 degrees F it is very easy to control the maximum temperature achieved by the ZMesh using a temperature probe that shuts the system off in the event ZMesh exceeds the maximum set point.

When selecting which roof covering materials may be put over ZMesh it is important to obtain answers the following questions:

1. Will the roof covering material, and any adhesive material or technique required to attach it, be adversely affected by the alloy bronze?

2. Will the roof covering material and any adhesive material or technique required to attach it, have an adverse affect on ZMesh?

3. Can the roof covering material withstand a temperature below it equal to 125 degrees F? If the answer is no then a temperature sensing device must be utilized to establish an upper temperature shut off.

4. What is the R-Value of the material under the ZMesh?

5. Is the R-Value of the material under the ZMesh greater than the R-Value of the roof covering material?

Over the past eleven years, ZMesh has been successfully installed and operated under many projects that have also utilized membrane roof materials. These projects include the Ramirez Home is Salt Lake City, UT, the Post Office in Ketchum, ID, and Sarnafil’s membrane roof covering manufacturing facility in Canton, MA.

In the event you need additional information of Heatizon Systems ZMesh roof snow melt and deicing products please do not hesitate to contact us.

ZMesh the Great!

by Steve Bench

When people associated with the radiant heating and radiant snow melting industry use the words “ZMesh”, “Golden Mesh”, “Z Mesh”, or just plain “Mesh” usually they are referring to a durable line of low voltage electric products made by Heatizon Systems and used for Radiant Roof Snow Melt and De-icing, Radiant Floor Warming and Radiant Heating.

Designed to be installed on and under sub-floors and on sub-roofs, ZMesh provides a nice uniform heat and it is plenty robust to satisfy the demands of discriminating radiant heat, radiant roof snow melting and de-icing, and radiant floor warming customers. In addition, gold colored, ZMesh delivers unparallel performance and is backed by an industry leading twenty-five (25) year warranty.

What about the nails, screws, and/or staples used to attach certain flooring and roofing materials? No need to worry about nailing, screwing or stapling through ZMesh as long as the nail, screw, or staple does not come into contact with anything else electronically conductive. In other words, ZMesh should never be installed over or under metal roof decking, valley metal, metal flashing, etc. or metal roofing materials such as steel or copper but its durable sister Tuff Cable may be installed over and under such products. ZMesh can be installed, however, under all non-conductive roof shingles and nearly all floor coverings.

Unlike its line voltage and hydronic radiant heating, radiant in-floor and under floor warming and radiant roof snow melt and de-icing competitors, ZMesh is very simple and easy to repair in the event it gets cut or damaged. Repairing ZMesh requires a customized copper splice plate and a bit of solider. No one else in the radiant heating, radiant floor warming and radiant roof snow melt and de-icing business can honestly make that claim.

How much floor build-up does ZMesh require? Since ZMesh is only 1/16th of an inch thick and does not require a bed of light weight concrete or other cementous material to draw the heat away from it the answer to this question is “very little”! As a result using ZMesh avoids the expense of a cementious mud bed, the cost of the extra structural integrity necessary to support the weight of the concrete and the challenges created by the need for the additional framing required by radiant high or line voltage and radiant hydronic or hot water alternatives. Once again, ZMesh requires little or no floor build-up.

For radiant in-floor and under floor warming and radiant heating applications ZMesh may be installed in the floor (on top of the sub-floor and below the floor covering) or under the floor between the joist space. As a matter of fact, Heatizon Systems was one of the pioneers of retrofitting its products into the joist space of existing structures.

ZMesh is a cut to length in the field product rather than a fixed length product like most all of its UL listed radiant line or high voltage competitors. The ability to vary the length of the ZMesh enables the installer to adjust the radiant in-floor heating, radiant roof snow melt and de-icing or radiant floor warming system to fit the area rather than requiring that the area to adjust to the radiant in-floor heating, radiant roof snow melting and de-icing or floor warming system.

Available in lengths that extend from 50 feet to 400 feet and widths of 9 and 12 inches, ZMesh is plenty versatile to satisfy the needs of most projects. In addition ZMesh has the ability to deliver up to 11.5 watts or over 39 Btu’s per linear foot so it is plenty robust to heat entire spaces, warm spacious floors, and manage the risks of ice dam related roof damage.

Heatizon Systems cares about its customers and their property as a result all of its products have been tested to UL Standards and has earned the privledge of being listed by ETL, an internationally recognized testing laboratory approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Heatizon Systems products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America and may be purchased by fine distributors located across North America.

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