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Ice Dams: Lessons Learned From The Northeast

Ice Dams NortheastMother Nature has not been kind to the Northeast the last few years. Hurricane Sandy brought destruction and damage in 2012, while the winter of 2013-2014 featured a “polar vortex” descending over much of the Midwest and Northeast. Last year New England received record snow, and a lengthy period of low temperatures. This resulted in significant damage to homes and businesses, largely from ice dams and other roofing issues.

An ice dam forms when melting snow and ice refreezes on the roof, typically as it moves over a cool eave, into a gutter, or in shaded areas like dormers and crickets. If not properly dealt with, an ice dam can cause water to make its way inside the structure.

As preparation for winter 2015-2016 wraps up, we take a look at some of the lessons learned last year.

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Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing SafetyWhen working on a roof, you never can be too safe. As the summer months bring increased work on roofing projects, we thought we’d share a few reminders on roofing safety.

Joe, our install manager has provided us with his top 3 items for staying safe while on a roof. Large or small, steep or flat, commercial or residential, Joe has done it all. Here are his tips:

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Warmquest bringing deicing solutions to Western Roofing Expo

WSRCA LogoThe Warmquest team is looking forward to attending the 2015 Western Roofing Expo in Las Vegas. This annual expo is run by the Western States Roofing Contractors Association which serves the roofing and waterproofing industry. Warmquest will be found at booth #817 from June 14-17.

The expo provides a great opportunity for contractors and other industry professionals to come together and discover the latest in roofing solutions. Warmquest will be showcasing its unique selection of roof deicing products.

Warmquest serves roofing contractors across North America in preventing ice dams, snow load issues, and the associated damages and inconvenience. Our product selection includes systems for heating under roofing materials, providing deicing without visible cables.

Time to Install Radiant Heat

heated sidewalk installAs the snow melts and the grass perks up, it is understandable to want to shift focus from shoveling snow and clearing ice to weeding the garden and mowing the lawn. Spring cleaning, gardening, and other tasks to prepare for the coming year are an annual tradition.

Before you completely forget about snow, spring is also the best time to prepare for winter. With the cold fresh on your mind, now is the time to make decisions about future snow removal and ice dam prevention.

If you have had any roof leaks or other ice dam related problems, now is the time to implement a long term solution. Identify problem areas and address them with added insulation, improved ventilation, or by installing radiant heat.

Tired of all the shoveling you did over the winter? The East Coast was pummeled this year, if you missed out it may be your turn next winter. Installing a heated driveway system has never been easier. This is a great springtime project; while the snow is fresh in your mind you can be sure to heat those trouble areas where you often slip or struggle to keep clear of snow and ice. Whatever your winter problem, taking care of it now will resolve the issue long before an early snowstorm brings it back. Our team is always ready to help with radiant heating needs.

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?

Snow LoadAs winter gives way to spring, the Northeast is finally getting a reprieve from the snow. In the aftermath of the most brutal winter in years, Boston and other areas are dealing with collapsed and damaged roofs. While the Rockies haven’t had loads of snow this season, there are plenty of lessons from the events back East.

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